We are the Steel Guitar Network



A showcase  where steel guitarists of all levels can display their talents, and where you can listen to samples of hundreds of other steel guitarists. Indeed you could listen/watch steel guitar music and videos all day long on the Network if you wanted entertainment... But it's more than that. You can video conference with other steel guitarists, and buy and sell interesting things and much, much more.

If you are ready to join thousands of steel guitar enthusiasts  



The site was established in 2009 Simply "for the love of the steel guitar" and for giving players and enthusiasts an additional place to meet, make friends around the globe, share, and teach. It is free to join. Simply sign up and get your profile created here.


Membership Advantages

By becoming a member you can get hooked up with other musicians and people all around the world that like the steel guitar and it's music.  Every member has their own page called "MY PAGE". You will be able to post music, videos, photos, band info, events, gigs, video conference with other steel guitarists, etc. In the "CLASSIFIEDS" section you can buy and sell DVD's, CD's, musical equipment, and much, much more. You can have a personal membership and/or a business membership.  It's like having your own website without the time and cost involved.


Other Benifits:  Posting ads in our "CLASSIFIEDS" section is FREE and, if your item sells, there isn't any fee charged.  Other sites charge 2 1/2% and up.  We have our own (in house) steel guitar instructor to help you learn how to play.  No other site has anything like this.  You don't have to be a musician to be a member, you just need to like the steel guitar.


All this is FREE... no charge for any of the things offered in this message.