How Important is Music Theory

  • How Important is Music Theory for Music Producers

    learn music theory for music producers

    Music theory is the understanding of music and its content. It includes chords, triads, scales, harmony etc. Music theory is huge, there is no limit on what you can learn about it. Also see:

    Also see: Chords, Harmony and Melody Tips

    Learning music theory will expand your musical knowledge hugely and help your tunes massively.

    Many music producers believe that they don’t need to know music theory. They say it ‘restricts’ them, it’s pointless to know, the excuses go on. However, I believe if you are serious about producing, you should look at studying music theory in some sort of capacity.

    Without this knowledge, how would you know if you’re playing in the right key? How would you know what chords to use in your song?

    If you ask any music producer who has a good knowledge in music theory, if they regret learning it or if learning music theory a waste of time, I can guarantee they will say no! They will tell how it has helped them massively in their production.

    Learning music theory will massively increase your productivity which will in hand increase your motivation.

    It will be so much easier to create melodies with emotion and meaning instead of cheesy and repetitive ones. You will be able to create melodies much easier.

    You can easily learn music theory online for free. You can learn it in your own home and it will cost you nothing but a bit of time (check “Top 10 Free Music Theory Websites” below).

    Why wouldn’t you want to learn music theory?

    Being a producer, you are technically a composer. Imagine if a composer said he didn’t know anything about music theory. There were be outrage!

    Learning music theory will mean that your complete songs quicker, you will know how to build tension and energy in your song.

    You can quickly think of a sound in your head and then know how to compose it in your DAW.

    Overall, there are no disadvantages to learning music theory but many advantages!

    Top 10 Free Music Theory Websites

    1. (videos)
    2. Music Theory Pages (infographics)
    5. Music Theory for Songwriters
    9. Dolmetsch Music Theory
    10. (sign-up)


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  • Tim Herman
    Tim Herman Best statement I ever heard regarding theory. If you are going to visit a foreign land, learn some phrases. If you are moving, there learn the language.
    October 8, 2016