• Does anyone know anything about Pam Tillis ???   A friend asked me about her & I havent heard her mentioned since KFDI radios staion quit country music.   I looked her up and she has a lotta Gigs lined up in Texas.  Far as I went.  


    Dont know about different parts of the USA, but...Country is about gone all to- gether here in Emporia, KS.


    I play NON -Pedal 8 string and Have a Zum Steel pedal which I dont hardly ever play...

    Any one know about some of the Old artists or anything going on in Kansas   Thanks   Dan Van in Emporia KS 

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  • Jack  Harrison
    Jack Harrison Kansas Steel Guitar Show 2016 ... Sept 30 - Oct 2. Check this out in the EVENT section
    September 28, 2016