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SGN Large Tuning Wrench 20% Off

  • Description: 20% Off Sale

    SGN - Pedal Steel Guitar Tuning Wrenches 

    1 tuning wrench with large knob.

    Size: 3/16 inch with large knob.  If you have Arthritis in your hands this wrench will help you turn your tuning nuts much easier and will not fall off the tuning nut like the ones with smaller knobs. 

    Size: 3/16 inch...1.5 inches knob diameter and 5/8 inch thick. The shaft length is 1.25 inch. Weight is 1.7 oz. 

    Used on most ALL-PULL pedal steel guitars. 

    Sold by other dealers from $11.99 to $14.00 

    Questions Call  816 332 6108 

    Warranty: Money back guarantee


    1 wrench  Price $6.36  ADD TO CART