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MultiKord 8 String Pedal Steel (Cable) Guitar $450 + ship

  • Once upon a time I was going to build my own lap steel guitar that could do different tunings.
    I gave up and got this unique guitar instead. You can raise or lower any number of the strings
    per each pedal.The cables are connected so its good to go right out of the case.

    I think of this as a console steel lap steel with alternate tunings.
    You just take it out of the case and its all setup.
    The pedals can change the chords, but I would never use it as a pedal steel guitar. Just not good for that.
    If you are interested in how this guitar works , I made a video explaining how the tuning system works.
    Selling for $450 plus shipping. Paypal
    See Video on how it works and also many more pics of the guitar.


    • Harlin Bros Multi Kord pedal steel. Uses cables instead of rods and is more of a  "chord cha­nger" type of guitar.