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    About Us

    The Steel Guitar Network is not like any other website; it's a showcase where steel guitarists of all skill levels can display their talents and where you can listen to samples of hundreds of other steel guitarists. Indeed, if you want, you can listen and/or watch steel guitar music and videos all day long on the Network. We strive to be a resource center for all levels of players.

    But it's more than that. You will have your own regular or business page called "My Page" and be able to video conference with other steel guitarists, join teaching seminars, and buy and sell interesting things. The Steel Guitar Network also offers a store where you can purchase top quality equipment and accessories (both wholesale and retail) at a very reasonable price. However, the best part about the website is membership is FREE and you can share and learn
     from others. Thus, keeping your motivation up and the steel guitar growing.


    About Hank Ruf:

     I live in the Dallas Texas area in the heartland of the USA. I am the past president of The Ozark Steel Guitar Association in Branson and the Heartland Steel Guitar Association in Kansas City MO. I started playing when I was 11 years old and still love playing. I wanted to establish a platform where players and enthusiasts can meet, make friends, share, and teach.  


    Website Info:

    It's divided into sections called Categories. You will see them listed on the top left side of the MAIN or Your Profile Pages.

    GROUPS section: This is an example...

    Pedal Steel GuitarLessons/Teaching>>>

    NEW MEMBERS, you might want to bookmark your My Page so you can find your page quickly and tell your friends to do the same.  You can also have two memberships a personal and business membership. Just apply for the business in the same way you did your personal.  Feel free to post your item you sell in our Classifieds or Forum sections.  Posting is FREE.  If you have a website how about posting a backlink on it for us > (Copy and Paste this link).

    You can install FREE personal music player, also you can post videos and photos right from your profile page. The following link will tell you how.

    TRANSLATOR: For people that want to read the postings on SGN's website in their language.  (on the bottom leftside of most pages).
    SELLING BY MEMBERS is welcomed but only through specific sections, such as on your personsal profile page (My Page), "Classified Ads", "Forum", and "Groups".  Anywhere else is not acceptable. Your profile page or a group page makes a good platform for selling if you have a business.  Do Not promote or sell in our chat rooms.
    The personal data that you've entered when applying for membership to SGN will not be shared. We regret that we must collect this personal information; however, after several years of open registration, there have been circumstances that have forced us to verify the identity of all new members.  Also, your profile page can be set up to NO CONTACT.
    SGN has a store where you can purchase accessories, strings, equipment etc. for your steel guitar.
    The Steel Guitar Network is made possible by donations and by product sales from our online store.  Please help keep this website going. 
    If you are ready to join thousands of steel guitar enthusiasts, sign up now.

    the Steel Guitar Network Staff

    Hank Ruf - Site Founder

    Ann Ruf - Director

    Dave Hayes - Steel Guitar Instructor

    Doug Long - Classifieds Moderator


     Help me to keep this site going

    It's important to me to help everyone that wants to learn to play the steel guitar, not just those with money for tuition, so I run it on an "honour system" and I rely on the honesty of users like your good self to make a donation if they can afford to.

    Donations allow me to keep this website free, so if you like what I'm doing then please support the site, don't leave it for "everyone else". This site is my full time gig these days, not a hobby,


     Make a > DONATION




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