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    About Us

    The Steel Guitar Network is not like any other website; it's a showcase where steel guitarists of all skill levels can display their talents and where you can listen to samples of hundreds of other steel guitarists. Indeed, if you want, you can listen and/or watch steel guitar music and videos all day long on the Network. 

    But it's more than that. You can set up your own personal or business page, video conference with other steel guitarists, join teaching seminars, and buy and sell interesting things. The Steel Guitar Network also offers a store where you can purchase top quality equipment and accessories (both wholesale and retail) at a very reasonable price. However, the best part about the website is membership is FREE and you can share and learn
     from others. Thus, keeping your motivation up and the steel guitar growing.

    If you are ready to join thousands of steel guitar enthusiasts, sign up now.

    the Steel Guitar Network Staff

    Hank Ruf - Site Founder

    Ann Ruf - Director

    Dave Hayes - Steel Guitar Instructor

    Doug Long - Classifieds Moderator


     Help me to keep this site going

    It's important to me to help everyone that wants to learn to play the steel guitar, not just those with money for tuition, so I run it on an "honour system" and I rely on the honesty of users like your good self to make a donation if they can afford to.

    Donations allow me to keep this website free, so if you like what I'm doing then please support the site, don't leave it for "everyone else". This site is my full time gig these days, not a hobby,


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