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    Beginners - Steel Guitar Teaching

      A group that is dedicated to teach pedal steel guitar to the beginner.

       Completely FREE steel guitar lessons!

       The best steel guitar lessons on the internet - and they're free.    

       Nothing to pay, nothing to lose - so take a look around    and see why 100's of people a day learn steel guitar. 

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    Steel Guitar Network is looking for a teacher for this group. If interested Contact Hank Ruf


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    Gary Thorsen: Lesson 1.
    The E9th chromatic tuning is made up of four inversions of an E chord. Let’s get our picks on and start by playing them. I want you to pick each of these three note inversions and let them ring. The idea is to get a nice even tone with consisten...  MORE...
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    Gary Thorsen: I see we have quite a few new members, that's great to see! Does anyone have questions? Remember, there are NO dumb questions so fire away. Don't be afraid to ask.
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    Hank Ruf: Gary Thoreson's Background...
    Begin play­ing 1972 -­ many year­s of club ­work follo­wed by 10 ­years in N­ashville p­laying for­ a number ­great song writers an­d artists.­ At this t­ime I am w­orking on ­my first s olo steel ­instrument­al project­ and ...  MORE...
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