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What's the first step learning how to play the pedal steel? First, you MUST have the desire and stay with it attitude to learn how to play the pedal steel. Ask yourself if you are willing to do that before you continue. If you are, then look for help to decide what kind of steel guitar is best for you to buy or borrow and, if buying, how much money you are comfortable spending. There are many types of pedal steel guitars; single neck, double neck, 6 or 10 strings, and many manufacturers. It is very important for a beginner to find someone, a knowledgeable friend or teacher, to help you select the guitar that’s best for you and whether to buy a new guitar or a used one. If you decide to purchase a used guitar, sight unseen, you are taking a risk of buying someone else’s problems. Being a beginner, you will more than likely not be able to correct problems on your own. If you do decide to buy a used guitar, it’s best to take along a knowledgeable friend and try out the guitar before purchasing. Of course, that’s not always possible. Unfortunately, there aren’t many guitar stores that carry or know much about pedal steel guitars. Here on the Steel Guitar Network website you have access to many knowledgeable people who actually play/teach and can answer your questions and provide guidance. You are beginning a new and exciting journey; enjoy it!


How Long Does It Take To Learn? Learning the steel guitar is a lifetime endeavor! Yes, there are some technical mountains to climb at first and you will have to want to climb those mountains. The pedal steel guitar is without a doubt one of the hardest instruments you can take up. But the rewards are great if you stick with it. Good luck and keep steelin.


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