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    Beginner's Course

    Beginners Series For The Pedal Steel Guitar
    by Hank Ruf
    What's the first step?
    First, you MUST have the desire and stay with it attitude to learn how to play the pedal steel. Ask yourself if you are willing to do that before you contin
    Last Replied by Hank Ruf - February 25
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    I have a new GFI student model pedal steel 3 floor and 4 knees, standard emmoms set up.  While listen to the Dave Hayes Turnaround in D video at 1:59-2:05 I am not getting the two strings 1,6, to make that tone.  Is he using the emmoms set up? &
    Last Replied by Douglas Kinney - May 17
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    Become a good steel guitar player

    Become a good steel guitar player
    I believe one of the most important factors in becoming good at anything is - Motivation. How do you get motivated? How do you stay motivated?
       1 - Set your goals   
       2 -
    Last Replied by Hank Ruf - November 5, 2015
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    Crash Course For Forming Diminished Chords

    C D E F G A B C
    C = 1 D = 2 E = 3 F = 4 G = 5 A = 6 B = 7
    You can look at this many ways.
    You can just take tones 1, 3, and 5 and flat the 3 and 5....  MORE...
    Last Replied by Hank Ruf - December 23, 2014
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    Post VIDEOS
    Last Replied by Hank Ruf - January 2, 2015