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the Steel Guitar Network Online store is selling steel guitar products which customers may buy in large or small quantities. If you are an individual, small business owner or international buyer, the "Wholesale Club" is ideal for you. You can buy more for less by joining our Wholesale Club.The Steel Guitar Network makes it possible to buy small or bulk orders at wholesale or below prices and save between 20% - 55% off retail prices. If you are an individual, where can you go to buy small orders at these prices so this is why I say this is ideal for you. In addition, there will periodically be special offers with even greater discounts for Wholesale Club members only.  

   Try either plan for 1 month FREE!

6 Month Plan $36 >> Start FREE Trial


12 Month Plan $48.00 >> Start FREE Trial


You need to purchase a plan to be eligible to purchase from our wholesale club. 


Bonus: A Tuning Wrench with the purchase of a plan.




 Pricing Examples:



Tuning Wrench (stand.)

2   Wrenches $4.49 

25  Wrenches $45.00


Tuning Nuts

1 Set (10pack) $4.50

100 T. Nuts $28.50


GHS Guitar Strings

Sizes .009 - .024p

12 Pack $3.49  All Sizes



Pick and Bar Pouch

2 Pouches $8.97

10 Pouches $45.00


Pedal Steel E9th-10 

2 Sets $10.98


Pedal Steel E9th-10

2 Sets $10.98


Lap Steel C6th-6

2 Sets $9.49

10 Sets $45.00

Pedal Steel E9th-10

2 Sets $11.,49

6 Sets $32.50


 Still not convinced, compare  prices


          Other Stores 

           2 Sets SIT E9th-10

           Price $22.00



Wholesale Club

2 Sets SIT E9th-10 

Price $11.98

*SAVINGS $10.02*

Other Stores

2 Tuning Wrenches

Price $10.00


Wholesale Club

2 Tuning Wrenches 

Price $$4.49

*SAVINGS $5.51*




PayPal will automatically renew your enrollment unless you notify the Steel Guitar Network within 10 business days prior to the end of your 6 or 12 month enrollement that you want to cancel. Send request here > Contact Us... Sorry no refunds .


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