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Stop Crying Your Heart Out
Posted by Steven Hicken Jr
Posted January 26 | 0 favorites
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Well, it is finally here! Here is my new video which is a humble rendition of Oasis' famous song "Stop Crying Your Heart Out", performed on the Pedal Steel Guitar. If you're a hardcore country music fan and don't know who Oasis are, they were a huge British pop band. Although they are no longer together, they are still vastly sort after today. I decided a while back to change my approach and get pedal steel into pop music, whilst keeping the original "country" steel sound. This has been a huge learning curve for me but with this video I have finally done it. Obviously the original song is amazing but I think playing it as an instrumental sits very well with the pedal steel, and the alternate chording compared with country is a refreshing change to my repertoire. Hopefully this can be the start of something new for me and I also massively hope this gets a lot of younger faces into the pedal steel. (At least to the point where it's known as a pedal steel and not a keyboard guitar). If you enjoy it please show your appreciation and smash the like button, also if you want to be first in line for future content please subscribe. Please share this video for the love of steel guitar, whether you play tin top, non pedal or pedal steel. Big shout out to Show Pro Steel Guitars for this amazing piece of machinery. Also comes a big thanks to Perfect Touch Finger Picks (of which I am now sponsored by). These are amazing picks which not only make the strings sound great, but are so comfortable and easy to play with. This isn't bollocks from an endorsee...these picks really are this good. Light but bite. - Steven Hicken Jr.
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